Hello world!


So, ‘Hello world!’ is the generic title that WordPress comes up with when you start a blog with them.  They tell you to change it, but I think it’s a pretty accurate representation of what this first blog entry is about, so I’m going to keep it!

Let me start out by introducing your Sew Like Sisters bloggers:

We are Kelly and Becca and we have been the best of friends for about 12 years now (yikes, I hadn’t thought about how long it has been until I just had to figure that out!).  We met in high school and have been through lots of ups and downs and hundreds of phone calls together.  Though 750 miles of U.S. separates us, we have remained as close as sisters.  Couple that with our love of sewing and being crafty and that’s how we came up with ‘Sew Like Sisters.’  A little more about us: Becca is a lawyer and is about to run her first marathon, and I studied Air Traffic Control, which has come in very handy in my job as a Mom of 2 (3 years and 10 months).  I also just started training for my first 5k, being inspired by my bestie.

We want this blog to be an extension of the friendship that we have built over the last decade.  We’ll share stories, ideas, our thoughts on tutorials and other craft-related goodies (or not-so-goodies).  If you have a topic idea, suggestion, or just want to say hello, we’d love to hear from you!  sewlikesis@gmail.com

Also, please bear with us as we get the site to look just how we want it!


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