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Book End Makeover – DIY in under 20 minutes


I’m a sucker for instant gratification. It’s actually really bad, so it is kind of nice that I realized I could dress up some uglyblack metal book ends in to something that is super cute, super quick, and really cheap.


Bookends (I used two since I needed both of them)

1 piece of 12″x12″ (30.4cmx30.4cm) scrapbook paper

Glossy mod-podge

Sponge brush

pencil & scissors

Get ready to have your mind blown. You’ll finish this project, from start to finish (not including drying time) in under 20 minutes, no joke.

1. Gather your supplies and set up on your table/work area. Flip your scrap paper over and lay your book end on top of it at the edge of the table with the long tongue part pointing toward the floor. Trace the book end & cut it out. Save the middle piece. Take the saved middle piece and trace the small piece on the back of the book end.

Trace your book end then cut it out. Save the middle piece.

2. ¬†With the sponge and mod podge slap on a thin layer of the paste on the larger piece. Then very carefully, starting from the bottom, place your cut out piece on the book end. Smooth out any bubbles. Repeat the process with the small piece. [Side note: I don’t recommend doing this process with the tongue part of the book end. The mod podge may become tacky (maybe?) and could mess up your books. Just play it safe and only do parts that do not come in contact with your books]

3. Once you get both pieces on there and smooth out any bubbles, apply another very thin coat of the mod podge over the paper. Let it dry, and viola! You’re done!