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Knock Off Zuppa Toscana (Olive Garden) Review – Becca


Kelly found this recipe a few days ago by The Penny-Wise Mama. I told my husband about it and he just about ran to the store to get the ingredients to make it. He LOVES (putting it mildly), Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana soup.

Don’t get me wrong, OG’s soup is pretty good, but I’m not about to go there every time the husband has a craving for it (plus, those breadsticks will be the death of me, seriously!).

This recipe is super easy, incredibly cheap, and takes less than an hour to cook. For cold (well not so cold today), rainy days, this soup would be perfect. It’s easy enough to prep and cook for a weeknight meal, and makes enough to serve a small army.

I’m not going to post the full recipe, but if you want to know exactly what you’ll need, go check out Penny-Wise’s website. Most of the ingredients you’ll already have in your house, and the stuff you’ll need is easy enough to find at your grocery store.

I was excited to cook with kale, I don’t think I’ve ever used it before. Plus – I read a blog post from somewhere (sorry to whomever posted it!) about roasting kale. The bunch I bought was huge so I figured I’d use some for the soup, roast some, and save some for later. Score.

Prep is pretty easy. Dice up a bunch of potatoes, get your stock ready, cook the meat, steam the onions. Cook. Done! Cut down on prep time by enlisting some chopping help from the husbands or and older child. Younger kids would have fun de-stemming the kale (who am I kidding…I had fun destemming it!)

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I used my Pampered Chef large pizza stone to cook the garlic bread and kale. Glad I did too, because I was out of parchment paper! Next time I’d use less olive oil and maybe a tad less salt. The crunch from the kale was killer and made a great topping on the soup.

The soup…oh the soup! The soup was absolutely amazing. My husband and I were basically silent the entire meal, save for the clinking of spoons, slurping of soup, and sipping of wine. I’d make this a thousand times over and I don’t think I’d ever get sick of it. The only thing I did differently was used Herbox powdered low sodium boullion. I am not a fan of super salty things, so I don’t think I noticed a dramatic difference. I didn’t think it needed more (or less) of anything!

So, give it a try! Invite the whole family over, because you’ll have more than enough to stock up your freezer and send some home with guests! A crowd pleaser for sure and kind on your budget. Thanks for sharing this recipe with the world, Penny!